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Triple M corner no.110

By August 13, 2018Triple M corner

The Triple M series of MG’s all belong to a family of models that commenced with the 1929 MG Midget and continued through to the mid-thirties via a long string of four and six cylinder OHC engined cars that forged the marques identity.

1929 MG Midget (TM 5050) took part in many events between 1929 and 1931, usually in the capable hands of Miss Schwedler while occassionaly being driven by CGH Dunham. Here Miss Schwedler is seen at the wheel during the course of the 1930 WASA Lands End Trial.  The photograph first appeared in an April 1930 edition of the Autocar while this scan was taken from the heavily retouched print used in that publication. Much of that original retouching has subsequently been removed in Photoshop. TM 5050 survives in California having now been restored. (LAT photoscan)

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