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Triple M Corner no.27

By July 27, 2016July 29th, 2016Triple M corner

The Triple M series of MG’s all belong to a family of models that commenced with the 1929 MG Midget and continued through to the mid-thirties via a long string of four and six cylinder OHC engined cars that forged the marques identity.

This 1929 Bedfordshire registered MG Midget (TM 5284) is seen here competing in the (7th) December 1935 running of the MCC London-Gloucester Trial with L. Onslow-Bartlett at the wheel. At some point after June 1932 the car had been fitted with a McEvoy body (source Cowbourne) although this head-on view doesn’t permit many of the differences with the standard example to be seen. What the image does reveal is that the front wings are home-made cycle types while the front dumb-iron valance has been removed and the slatted radiator surround is another non-standard addition. The MCC awarded this  car/driver combination a third class award upon completion of the trial.

This image is located in the Motor Sport archive and is reproduced here courtesy of LAT Photographic.

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