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Christmas treasure 2022…

By December 27, 2022Headline News

The discovery of one unrecorded Minor is cause for great celebration but to find a trio of cars from across the globe is not only unprecedented, but warrants a burst of the Hallelujah Chorus! Chris Chapman (UK), Colin Mcculloch (NZ) and Aksel Bech (Denmark) were the correspondents who brought these cars to the attention of the Network and all have interesting histories. The three lower images are all of the same vehicle, the bottom right shot depicting the car as it is today. The car started life as a 1933 Two-seater and as can be seen was heavily modified at one point utilising a donor saloon body to create a coupe special. The top left hand image is of a cut-away 1933 Minor Saloon, which is currently undergoing restoration at the hands of Colin Mcculloch in Christchurch New Zealand. These two 1933 cars were both constructed at Cowley within a few weeks of one another. Chris Chapman is the grandson of long term Morris Register member Malcolm Chapman. For reasons unknown Malcolm’s 5 cwt van has long been unrecorded by the register, last appearing in the seventies. That omission will now be corrected.

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