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Victorian architecture & art deco saloons

By October 13, 2019Headline News

Alan Dennison and Peter Brock both own Minor four-door saloons and have recently and quite independently, visited two interesting examples of Victorian architecture, as these images show. The buildings in question are located some 240 miles apart and exist at opposite ends of the style and functionality spectrums, despite being built within eight years of one another. The Mansion House at Old Warden Park in Bedfordshire was designed by Henry Clutton, a famous Victorian architect, for the Shuttleworth family and was completed in 1875. The coastal ‘Rocket Garage’ structure in Cullercoats, North Tyneside was built in 1867 to house hazardous materials, in this case fireworks, or more specifically rockets. The rockets were fired from the shore towards  floundering shipping off the coast. Attached to each rocket was a long length of twine which in turn was attached to ropes or cables back on shore.  The stranded crews, then dragged the ropes or cables on board which helped to facilitate their rescue.

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