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Welcome to our new home…

By December 7, 2015Headline News

The New Website

Welcome to our new home. The structure is sound and at last users of iPads, iPhones, and all forms of Android device will be able to view the site in an unscrambled fashion in exactly the same way as those viewing with a PC or laptop. Like the first few days in any new home much of the content remains stored away, awaiting unpacking, but much more content will be added over time. During this period the old website will remain accessible so if you need to urgently access a document or image then just scroll down this page and click-upon the familiar blue PWMN banner which will then take you to the archived site.

Because this is a new site on a new platform it has not been possible to transfer your membership. Therefore you will need to re-register in order to gain access to the new Member’s Area. Authorisation of your membership will take a short period to complete so please be patient.

Chris Lambert

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