Wolseley Hornet Specials no.15

Swallow Hornet Special

Arguably one of the prettiest Hornet Specials to leave a coachbuilder’s workshop was also one of the earliest of this variant to be built. The Swallow Hornet two-seater (£225) made its first appearance in November of 1930 to be joined the following October by an open four-seat model. It was sold exclusively by the Henlys concern who heavily advertised the vehicle in The Autocar, The Motor & The Light Car and soon versions were to be found taking part in the major sporting events of the day. Two of the striking features that made the Swallow Hornet two-seater stand out from the crowd were its three-piece raked windscreen and Alvis like beetle-back rear end. The finish on this later (1933) car looks magnificent in this photograph taken immediately outside the Henlys showroom in Great Portland Street, Central London. (LATplate E2071)