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Wolseley Hornet Specials no.24

By December 4, 2017December 5th, 2017Triple M corner

LAT plate C440 is dated 13th May 1935 in the LAT portfolio but was almost certainly taken on 13th May 1933 as the plate number places it among the May 1933 sequence. This dramatic shot of car no. 19, a 1932/33 Wolseley Hornet Eustace Watkins Daytona Special was taken at Donington Hall at only the second ever car meeting to be held there, the  first such meeting taking place just two months earlier. The outcome of this incident is unknown.

Peter Brock found this reference to the incident in Motor Sport:

Round they came again, and this time J. T. Ridd went onto the grass. Somehow all the cars got round and we waited for the next circuit. Patrick was well in the lead, followed by Briault, who came up to the bend at a great speed. He clapped on his brakes, the tail of the Hornet decided to become the front, and with a screech of tyres the car turned right round. Briault took his bearings, and set off, but not before Doctor Hawes on another Hornet had robbed him of second place. The crowd, with typical British disregard for the niceties of driving, gave Briault a rousing cheer.

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