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Wolseley Hornet specials no.48

By January 25, 2020Triple M corner

This is an interesting late thirties or early post-war snapshot of a Standard Eight (prepared for re-painting) and what could be a 1930 or 31 Abbey Wolseley Hornet special. The age of the car can be determined by the pre-Magna wheels which were only fitted to 1930 and 31 season models. Why the ‘could be’? This car has a single set of louvres and a cheek-line on its bonnet side, while all other Hornet bonnets of this period had three individual groups of louvres without further decoration. Of course by this time in the car’s life, perhaps eight or nine years after it was built, the original bonnet could have been replaced but there is just a chance that there isn’t a Wolseley badge adorning the radiator on this car.

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