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Wolseley Hornet Specials no.76

By March 13, 2023Triple M corner

Meredith Coachcraft of Castle Bromwich, Birmingham designed and built these three-purpose bodies for the Wolseley Hornet Special chassis. (RD 4648 is a 1933 example) Known as the ‘Trinity’ the bodies were designed to adapt from a ‘foursome’ coupe to an open four-seater tourer in a matter of seconds, while the final option of open two-seat sports could also be achieved with speed and a minimum of effort. They were quite pricey at £289 when compared with other Hornet two or four-seat specials but their adaptability meant that they eventually sold nine Wolseley Hornet versions, seventeen Rileys, five BSAs and a solitary MG J1. (These production figures are from Nick Walker’s A-Z of British Coachbuilders book). Currently a surviving Hornet Trinity Special is being auctioned on the carandclassis website here.

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