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The Preamble

The 2018 POTY competition is the sixth running of what has become a permanent fixture on the website’s calendar. Our  main sponsor Motorsport Images, (formerly LAT) continue to offer support for which we heartily thank them.  Their archive team have once again agreed to adjudicate the competition, a rule change we first adopted in 2016 following a suggestion by members of the website’s forum.

  The judging panel will consist of a selected team from the photographic archive headed up by the archive’s manager, all of whom examine automotive images as part of their daily routine. It’s therefore safe to say that each week they see many more car images than most of us will see in a month of Sundays! Not that this should dissuade you from entering, as without your entries the competition wouldn’t exist. The rules remain largely unchanged from 2017 and can be found in a separate section below.

Throughout the year many excellent photographs are posted to the website’s Forum and can be seen on the site’s homepage and in the image galleries elsewhere. Please examine these galleries and the archive pages where literally hundreds of photographs of our cars reside and then be inspired to go out and photograph your Minor, M Type or Hornet – they will gain significant exposure on the website and who knows, some may even end up in the gallery on this page with you claiming the newly re-branded prize plate

The winning image will entitle the entrant to select an A3 sized print from the huge Motorsport Image  online archive or from any to be found on this website.

NB: Please submit entries via email to or request (via the same email address) the organiser’s postal address for the submission of hard-copy entries.  

2018 POTY Gallery

The Rules

1.) Images are to depict, or be related to, a pre-war Morris Minor, MG M Type Midget or early (1930-1935) Wolseley Hornet.

2.) The theme for the 2018 competition is to be  ‘Regional Identity’. While all submitted images will be entered for the competition the judging panel will appropriately weight those displaying clear ‘Regional Identity’ characteristics.

3.) Entries can be accepted in the form of a hard copy, digital file or by the identification of a selected image from those currently appearing on the website.

4.)  Entries are restricted to three per person and exclude all images previously entered for earlier POTY competitions.

5.) Unlike earlier competitions, the age of the photograph is no hinderance to its inclusion.

6.) Members can submit either their own photograph or nominate another’s image for inclusion in the competition.

(If the owner of the image rights to the photograph is known, that persons’ permission to use the image must be sought and obtained prior to entry.)

7.) Last entries to be received prior to midnight on Thursday 20th December.

8.) The winner of the prizes on offer will be the entrant and NOT the photographer if these differ.

9.) Adjudication of the images will be carried out by the Motorsport Images Archive Manager and his immediate team, with the results being published on the PWMN website at noon on Monday 24th December.

10.) Names of entrants will be withheld until after the conclusion of the voting process.

11.) Entry is free.

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