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Repair, maintenance & operating the slow-running control

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Thanks to the engineering skills of Hayden Edwards and Peter Brock‘s graphics expertise a new ‘How to’ pdf has been uploaded to the Technical Bits section under Instruments & controls within the Member’s Area. While the pdf entitled ‘The Slow Running Control‘ specifically relates to the 1934 season models much of the information is common across all Minor model years.

Get-you-home dodges Part 1 added

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On 12th May 1934 a new weekly motoring magazine, the  Practical Motorist, was launched with little fanfare. It was aimed at the do-it-yourself owner driver and was continuously in print until 1997 seeing off more illustrious rivals in the shape of The Motor and Light Car along the way. During the early months of its publication it ran a sequence of articles entitled ‘Get-you-home dodges’ which provided practical advice on overcoming roadside problems. In most cases these tips are just as relevant today for those running pre-war cars and could save a call to your favoured recovery service. The first five of a fifteen part sequence of articles can now be found on a single PDF in the Member’s Area Technical Bits section under ‘Everything Else’.

More images added to Event Galleries…

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A further 40 images from recent events have been added to the foot of the 2023 Event Galleries page here. The first of these galleries feature images taken by noted car photographer Peter McFadyen at the recent Pre-war Prescott event, while the second gallery displays photos taken at the Morris Register’s National Rally at Thoresby, Notts.

JO 764 page launched…

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A page commemorating the £100 Morris Minor prototype (JO 764) has now been added to the website. It is located in the Member’s Area and contains 70+ images and 10 PDF articles (both pre and post-war) recording the car’s early period as a press demonstrator, along with images of its stay in a North Devon children’s theme park and its recent resurrection by Mick Roberts.

Pre-war Prescott images added…

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A dozen images from the recent Pre-war Prescott event have been added to the foot of the 2023 Event Galleries page, all of which were taken by Alistair Bond. Find them here:

1930 Wolseley Hornet Sports Two-seater – Dealer document

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A November 1930 four-page dealer document with details for the ‘about to be launched’ Wolseley Hornet Sports Two-seater has been added to the Member’s Area of the website today. It can be found under ‘Wolseley Hornet Sports and Specials’ and resides in the document repository at the foot of the page. When launched, Wolseley changed the car’s model name to Wolseley Hornet Semi-Sports.

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