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Mid-April on Dunkery Beacon, Devon

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Henry Harvey and his wife Diane are South Devon residents who have just returned from a short break a little further north on Exmoor. Here their 1932 Morris Minor Two-seater (VX 7312) is seen on Dunkery Beacon, at 520 metres (1,705 ft) above sea level, the highest point in the National Park.

Easing our way…

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While much of Europe remains under strict lockdown regulations, there has been some easing across the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic. Joe Rayner‘s 1932 Morris Minor Two-seater (ZV 83851) is seen here on a short foray away from base to Lackandarra Upper, County Waterford, where the imposing Monavullagh Mountains can be seen in the background.

Easter perambulations…

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While the Easter weather has been bitterly cold over the whole of the U.K., the weather in the run-up to the holiday period was significantly better. This, along with a relaxation of the covid regulations provided further opportunities for some vintage motoring.

Top: Stuart Clarke’s 1930 Morris Minor Coachbuilt Saloon (WD 1430) Bottom left: Dan Brockway’s 1932 Morris Minor Saloon (MV 6416) Bottom right: Trevor Wilkinson’s 1934 Morris Minor Two-seater (UN 6979) 

A not to be missed opportunity…

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This 1928 Morris Minor Fabric Saloon (SK 1508) is one of the oldest surviving examples of the model with a well documented history. It’s currently in pristine condition and has just been offered for sale at £11500. Further information, including two files recording its known history and a detailed log of work carried out by the present owner can be found on this website’s Discussion Forum here.

It was spring…

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The weather in late March throughout parts of the U.K. has been most unseasonal, with glorious sunshine, and temperatures in the low twenties. Some members, including the owners of these cars have taken the opportunity to get the oil circulating once again around engines that have lain dormant for many months. However, the first few days of April are set to get significantly colder with snow forecast for some on Easter Monday. So this was a case of make hay…

Clockwise: Trevor Wilkinson’s 1934 Minor Two-seater (UN 6979), Adrian Tyldesley’s 1930 Minor Fabric Saloon (FH 7004), Jonathan Barwick’s 1933 Minor Two-seater (RSJ 615) and finally Mick Robert’s 1934 Morris 25 (JT 667)

… nowhere in particular

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The effective three month plus ban on the usage of our historic vehicles recently came to end and we can now legally take to the English highways once more. So take off the dust sheets, check the fuel and just go …

In anticipation of a little more freedom…

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The imminent first stage easing of Covid restrictions in England has led to a perceptable increase in garage related activities among Networkers in recent days. With the prospect of temperatures in the mid-teens (and even higher) in the week ahead, the lure of a trip out has even resulted in some members resorting to openly washing their cars in public. Here, the tell-tale bucket and the soapy water covering this 1934 Morris Minor Two-seater (AAO 426) reveal that Adrian Tyldesley is one such networker.

It’s that Wasp again…

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Geof Wilson continues to move towards completion of his Wilson’s Wasp Morris Minor special project. This latest image indicates that the bodywork is complete with just the seating and trimming of the interior remaining.


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This 1931 season Morris Minor Coachbuilt Saloon (BF 9470 ex NG 50) was in serious danger of being broken up as the owner no longer had the garage space in which to keep it. Haydon Edwards heard of its plight through the VMR and purchased the car over the weekend. Hayden intends to restore the car as soon as circumstances permit.