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2022 POTY

Our 10th & final POTY competition!

Welcome to our 2022 POTY Competition page. As you can see from the heading above this will be our tenth and last annual competition, at least in its current format. Competitions require entrants and entries and the numbers taking part have fallen away in recent years. This may be a reflection of the general demographic of the membership but if that is not the reason perhaps we can all try and make this last competition a bumper one!

For my part I have really enjoyed organising this annual on-line pre-Christmas event while the staff at our sponsors (Motorsport Images) will also miss their group adjudication sessions. The competition’s rules (such as they are), are simple and straightforward. If you have favourite images of your Minor, Midget or Hornet, or indeed like someone else’s  shot of their own car, then digitally submit them to me via or by post (address supplied on request). The images will be scanned and immediately (and carefully) returned to you.

There are prizes for the winning image, along with the kudos of holding the LAT Plate for 12 months, while the top 12 shots as ajudged by the the Motorsport Images team will appear in the 2023 PWMN calendar (Available from mid-December).  Finally, a big ‘Thank you’ to all who have regularly supported the POTY year after year. For those of you who haven’t entered an image to date, or not for some time, take a delve into the pics of your car that you hold on your computer, look through the pages of your photo albums, or just rummage in the drawer or tin that contains your prints before choosing upto three shots that you enjoy. If you enjoy viewing them, then there is a very good chance others will!

  • Images are to depict, or be related to, a pre-war Morris Minor, MG M Type Midget or  Wolseley Hornet.

  • Entries can be accepted in the form of a hard copy, digital file or by the identification of a selected image from those currently appearing on the website.

  • Entries are restricted to three per person and exclude all images previously entered for earlier POTY competitions.

  • The age of the photograph is no hinderance to its inclusion.

  • Members can submit either their own photograph or nominate another’s image for inclusion in the competition.

  • (If the owner of the image rights to the photograph is known, that persons’ permission to use the image must be sought and obtained prior to entry.)

  • Entries can be submitted with immediate effect, although they won’t  appear in the competition gallery until Monday 14th November. The latest date for receipt of entries is midnight on Wednesday 30th November.

  • The winner of the prizes on offer will be the entrant and NOT the photographer if these differ.

  • Adjudication of the images will be carried out by the Director of Photo Collections at Motorsport Images and his immediate team, with the results being published on the PWMN website at noon on Friday 2nd December.

  • Names of entrants will be withheld until after the conclusion of the voting process.

  • Entry is free.

  • The winning 12 images will appear in the Network’s 2023 calendar which will be available for purchase from mid-December onwards, via the website and forum.

And the winning image is …

An evening run in July by Chris Lambert

The winning 12 images...

2022 POTY Image Gallery

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