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The Morris Minor featured many times on the front covers of the three main motoring magazines making its final appearance in a Morris Motors advertisement of any type in early June 1934. This one from a year earlier points out the ‘room’ advantage to be gained by purchasing the four-door long-wheel-base Family model over the smaller swb sliding-head saloon.

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Tuning the Hornet Special engine…

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A PDF has been added to the miscellaneous section within the Technical area entitled Tuning & Maintenance of the Wolseley Hornet, which specifically looks at the 12 HP Hornet Special…

Two Breweries Run photos…

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Images from the Two Breweries Run, held on 1st September can now be viewed at the foot of the 2019 Event Galleries page here.

Morris Register Thoresby images added…

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Thanks to Martin Gregory and Chris Healy for supplying the images now showing at the foot of the 2019 Event Galleries page here.

Prewar Prescott gallery added…

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A new sequence of photos from the recent Prewar Prescott event have been added to the 2019 Event Galleries page here. Always  scroll to the foot of the page to…

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The 2020 'Marches' Rally - Titley, Herefordshire

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The Network’s 11th annual rally is to be held in the spectacular border country known as the Welsh Marches – For more information and entry details visit the rally webpage here.

IOTW no.494


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A late 1929 (’30 season) Morris Minor Fabric Saloon plays second fiddle in this eBay sourced photograph to the larger Morris saloon around which this family are posing. The Minor (KD 7***) was first registered in Liverpool while the big saloon carries a 1932 Wallasey, Cheshire plate. The occasion looks like it was the start or the end of a family holiday, the suitcases on the luggage rack providing the clue, while the large three storey ‘Lindow House’ hints at the family’s status in the community.

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Wolseley Hornet Specials No.43

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Wolseley Hornet Specials no.41 featured a full-frontal photograph of a 1933 Arrow Foursome Coupe. This artist’s impression of that model was extracted from an Arrow Coachworks advertisement, (scanned from a March 1933 Motor magazine) and provides a side-on profile view of the car. Its design has some similarities to the 1930 two-seat Arrow Hornet Coupe (also seen here) and carries over the louvered wing valances to be seen on the earlier vehicle. The complete March 1933 Motor item featuring this model has been added to the Wolseley Hornet Sports & Specials page within the members area of the website.

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