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Hornet Specials no.6

By August 9, 2016Hornet Specials

The early Wolseley Hornet chassis proved to be a magnet to the coachbuilding trade. Just a few weeks after the models launch in April 1930 an open Hornet special built by the Hoyal Bodybuilding Corporation in Surrey made its debut, rapidly followed by many others over the forthcoming months. Over twenty such concerns produced a plethora of models in those early years of the thirties decade.

The Boyd-Carpenter concern of Kilburn, North West London was another coachbuilding company that recognised the potential of the Hornet chassis from very early on. In lthe autumn of 1930 it built a distinctive bullet tailed two-seater open body for the Hornet chassis which it marketed via Normand Garage in SW7 at £232-10s-0d. This example displays a late 1930 London registration of GK 6236. (LAT Motor Sport archive image)

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