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Bridge over the River Tar…

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The River Tar flows through County Tipperary in the Irish Republic and at Ballybacon, in the Barony of Iffa & Offa, the river passes under a humpback bridge. Seeing a photo-opportunity, Joe Rayner did no more than park his 1932 Minor Two-seater (ZV 83851) on the crest of the ‘hump’. The resulting photograph can be seen above while the traffic jam Joe caused took almost 20 seconds to clear.

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Heated seats for a pre-war Minor!

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Open-air motoring during a northern hemisphere winter can be a 'brass monkeys' experience unless suitably attired. Network member Joe Rayner uses his 1932 Minor Two-seater all-year-round and concluded that it…

Autovac cutaway added

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A photoscan of an Autocar magazine cutaway diagram of an Autovac device has been added to the Carburation & Fuel section of the Technical area of the website earlier today.

Hornet Specials article from 1975 added to the site

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An insightful article written by Terry Webster and Henry Burrell, two former doyens of the Wolseley Hornet Special Club, has now been uploaded to the Hornet Specials page in the…

Hornet launch images

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A PDF containing a sequence of images taken for The Autocar at the time of the model's launch in April 1930 has been added to the Wolseley Hornet page in…

IOTW no.457


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Water baby?

This photograph first appeared in the August 1936 edition of the Morris Owner magazine on page 561. The image caption reads as follows:

Mr J.H. Marshall, the Ilkley Motor Club’s President, demonstrates that a Minor Two-seater can cross the River Wharfe without bridge or ford. Just beyond where the car is standing is the deepest part of the stream.

It’s interesting to note that the Minor continued to be regularly mentioned in this journal right up to the commencement of WWII, demonstarting perhaps that it was a model the magazine’s editorial staff and its readership held in high esteem.

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Triple M corner no.122

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The Triple M series of MG’s all belong to a family of models that commenced with the 1929 MG Midget and continued through to the mid-thirties via a long string of four and six cylinder OHC engined cars that forged the marques identity.

Yet another Bill Brunell photograph courtesy of Motorsport Images. This one was taken in the afternoon of 19th June 1932 during the course of that year’s running of the B&HMC’s Brighton – Beer reliability trial. Here Brunell captures T.A.W. Thorpe in his 1930 MG Midget GF 5503 cresting a gradient in a sunken lane near Fingle Bridge on Dartmoor. Thorpe went on to gain a second class award. The photo appeared in the 24th June 1932 edition of The Autocar on page 1055. (LAT photoscan)

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