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A Minor a day 16 …

By December 18, 2017IOTW

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FH 7622/YWG 771 1932 Minor Sliding-head Saloon

This is something of a sad tale concerning a lovely Minor Saloon that has been horse-traded in recent years. The car first emerged ‘For Sale’ on the carandclassic website in September 2012 when it sold very quickly to Paul Critchley. Paul joined the Network and attended our 2013 rally in Marlborough, Wilts. As a succession of rally images show alongside, the car suffered from some unreliability issues over the rally weekend, which in truth were of a minor nature (no pun intended).  Shortly afterwards the car was sold and  then quickly passed through the hands of its long list of short-term owners. In fact over a four year period FH 6722 was sold on at least five occasions loosing its original registration in the process and becoming YWG 771. The DVLA have the audacity to call this an ‘age-related’ registration while future custodians of this vehicle will struggle to discover anything of its early history as a result.

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