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A Minor a day 4 …

By December 6, 2017IOTW

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OW 4224 1934 Minor Two-seater

Yet another Minor with an interesting history inexorably  interwoven with the life of its present owner. John Nagle first purchased OW 4224 in 1959 and owned it for four happy student years until the arrival of a company car in 1963 forced its sale. Fast forward 45 years and the car entered John’s life once again, not before also passing through the hands of  another Minor enthusiast and member here, Paul Harris. Paul saved the car from the scrap man back in the late fifties before coming across it once again in 1973 when he used OW as his main form of transport for a number of years, eventually selling it in 1979.  After passing through a series of hands John N. eventually rediscovered and purchased the car from Derek Powell in 2008, restoring it to its present pristine condition and completing a cycle that had started almost 50 years previously.

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