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IOTW no.339

By June 11, 2016IOTW

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EV 433 MG Midget

Member Keith Durston has owned this Essex registered M Type since the sixties and these two images reflect the changes that have taken place in the intervening 50 years. The early photo was taken in suburban Farnham while the later shot was taken at the Goodwood racing circuit in Sussex recently. Keith is one of a group of members who have owned their cars for over 50 years – the others being, Ken Martin, Peter Brock and Peter Yates. If there are others I have failed to mention then please contact

Keith writes:

“I bought the car when I was 17 for £20. It was worn out, broken and abandoned in a farm yard in Essex. It had been there for some time as there was a small tree/sapling growing through the floorboards. The scuttle was so frail that it had been skinned with steel to hold it together and the doors and tail were home made. All the mechanicals were original and all the steel work (bonnet, wings and valances) were intact. I spent the best part of a year taking it completely apart and putting it back together to use as my everyday car which is when these photos were taken. In nearly 3 years I did well over 20,000 miles until everything was once more worn out. At this point I took it apart to try and rebuild it properly, a task that was only completed 3 years ago when I entered retirement.”

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