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IOTW no.347

By August 15, 2016IOTW

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Colonial Ingenuity

John McDonald from Christchurch, New Zealand sent this snapshot image and press cutting of a 1930/31 Minor Coachbuilt Saloon. While the date and source are unknown the period is likely to be in either the immediate run-up to WWII or shortly after the end of that conflict. The Minor was used to transport the whole family including the dog while the specially adapted child seat was way ahead of its time. John McDonald comments that the small pram attached to the front of the car is not going to help the thermo-syphon cooling system cope with the heat one iota. John goes on to comment that the colonials “…expect a lot more from their cars.” On the evidence of these images there will be little argument to that.

In order to read the press-cutting without it constantly rotating – just click upon it.

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