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IOTW no.367

By January 23, 2017IOTW

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1928 Minor prototype UD 2268

Just how many Minor Fabric Saloon prototypes were built in the spring and early summer of 1928 is frequently debated. The earliest known image is the famous shot of UD 2071 with William Morris standing alongside. However there are a number of other images particularly of UD 2268 (as seen here) and UD 2270, this car being the subject of a publicity  photo-shoot in Bibery, Glos during the summer of that year. Additionally UD 2483 was photographed around the same time in Norfolk while other publicity photographs of the period show Minors with number plates deliberately removed. It has also been pointed out that the factory moved plates from one car to another with complete disregard to the law despite their ability to affix trade plates. While the answer to the question of how many Fabric Saloon prototypes or development cars were built is likely to remain unanswered, we do know that there were at least four evidenced by the images taken that summer, the big assumption being that number plates were not swapped around!

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