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By September 22, 2018IOTW

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1932 GPO ‘Linesman’ Minor 5cwt van
Of the 87,000 Morris Minors produced between the autumn of 1928 and the summer of 1934, 58,000 of them were saloons of various types.  Numerically, and some way behind the saloon, the 5cwt van took the runners up spot with just under 10,000 examples leaving Cowley. This was due in part to a succession of orders from the GPO, who extensively used the Minor van for Royal Mail delivery as well as in a variety of other roles. This photo of a 1932 model depicts a GPO Linesman’s van, GW 2426 which was among the first batch of six such experimental vehicles to be supplied to the organisation. The bodies were built by Harold Perry Ltd., who also successfully bodied a number of Ford Eight specials around the same period, their business eventually gaining Ford main dealership status. Grateful thanks goes to forumist Joe Raynor (oilyrag) for the use of the photograph and for the background information.

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