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IOTW no.503

By November 18, 2019IOTW

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Calcutta – Spring 1930

This cutting is from the August 1930 edition of The Morris Overseas Mail magazine and shows the comparatively rare sight of a Minor Saloon on the sub-continent. The two brief paragraphs of text accompanying the image tells of Mr Whittacker’s satisfaction with the model and its achievements in Calcutta’s busy traffic. He claims that his Fabric Saloon has a top-speed of 53 mph and regularly achieves 47 mpg. Keeping a fabric skinned car in sub-tropical conditions must surely have taxed those charged with maintaining the integrity of the body. It’s known that in the tip of the North Island in New Zealand birds used the flock beneath the skin of imported Fabric Saloons as nest lining material. Similar issues may have also occurred in India.

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