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I(s)OTW no.560

By January 4, 2021IOTW

Morris saloon car space evolution

These two photographs were taken five years apart but represent two consecutive models. The top photo displays the available interior space of a 1932 Morris Family Eight Saloon, while the lower photo is of the interior of the model that replaced it, in this instance the 1937 version of the Morris Eight. The long wheelbase Minor range ceased production in the summer of of 1934 with the new Eight model arriving in Morris dealerships in early autumn the same year. The most visable difference relates to the use of the available space. The seating position of the front occupants of the earlier model is significantly further forward than that seen on the later car, which results in a wider rear door providing easier access for rear seat passengers. However, the driving position position of the later Eight looks to be far less cramped. (Both photos courtesy of Motorsport Images)


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