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Wolseley Hornet Specials no.42

By August 26, 2019Triple M corner

The London based Corsica coachbuilding concern produced many stunning bodies for predominantly upmarket customer’s cars, including examples from Bentley, Alfas Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce. They also produced at least three body styles for the Wolseley Hornet chassis. The first of these was a beautiful futuristic looking open two-seater featuring a large well proportioned hinged tail inside of which was kept the spare wheel. The second such body was the 2+2 Sports Drop-head Coupe as seen here. (LAT Autocar photoscan January 1933) Of more traditional design than its stablemate, its swept front wings and louvered side-valances hinted at a sporty performance while the wheel discs and P100 style headlamps added a touch of opulence perhaps more associated with the marques mentioned earlier. It wasn’t cheap and sold at £297-10s but was very well equipped. A four-seater touring version was also built, this featuring a traditional hood and cut-away doors. (Photo courtesy of Motorsport Images)

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