IOTW no.350

By September 18, 2016IOTW

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1930 Wolseley Hornet Saloon

Very little is known about this eBay sourced snapshot photograph of a 1930 Wolseley Hornet Coachbuilt Saloon. On its reverse is a pencil note reading ‘1933’. The nearside front wheel is off the car while one of the two men in shot sits astride the front axle and appears to be working on the brakes. Of course the Hornet Saloon was fitted with Lockheed hydraulics, this model being an early adopter of the system on what was a budget priced car. The setting could be a camp site at a seaside resort with a large ridge tent in shot and a thirties caravan. The identity of the car is unknown but a tantalising and barely legible glimpse of the letters OU or GV on the front number plate are just discernible through the spokes of the wheel.

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