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IOTW no.355

By October 26, 2016October 30th, 2016IOTW

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Colonial Minors

In the early thirties the colonies and dominions of the British Empire were a growing, although largely untapped market for both British car manufacturers in general and Morris Motors in particular. The rugged terrain associated with these developing countries favoured the more robust construction of American built vehicles, although in the cities some British vehicles found favour, particularly among the ex-pat population. This photograph of a convoy of Morris vehicles was taken on a Cape Town, South Africa road in January 1931. The cars, which includes the current range of OHC Minors with a Fire Tender at its head are on their way to the Cape Town Motor Show. Behind the Minors came the Cowleys while at the rear the front of an MG M Type Midget is visible. (Autocar Photo Scan – courtesy of LAT Photographic)

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