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IOTW no.404

By October 23, 2017IOTW

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Hornets and ladies

There are a number of thirties cars that were advertised to directly attract the attention of potential female customers. One such car was the MG Midget Sportsman’s  Coupe (perhaps it should have been named the Sportsladies Coupe?) while another was the Wolseley Hornet. This photo and caption of actress Miss Jane Welch and her 1930 Hornet Saloon MY 4875 first appeared in a January 1930 edition of The Autocar and was among a series of what can only be described as publicity photos of Hornets and attractive females. A recent Hornet Specials image (no.21) from the same period was another case in point while further examples reside in the website’s archive. The first of the two images featured here show the original artwork for the photo feature, while the second is a cutting of the item itself.

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