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IOTW no.575

By April 17, 2021April 18th, 2021IOTW

Absolutely nothing is known about this internet sourced image. What can be determined from the clues provided by the photo is that the car is a 1932 or 33 Morris Minor Two-seater, while the shot was likely to have been taken in the late fifties or early sixties. That conclusion was reached by noting the car’s general run-down condition and the attire of the pipe smoking student. The sartorial indicators are the young man’s long scarf,  his scruffy duffle coat and peaked ‘ratting’ hat, all of which were fashion ‘badges’ of the period. The car’s many non-standard features including Lucas 1130 side lights, easyclean wheels and non-Minor bumpers, further indications of a pre-MOT Test scrap yard candidate!

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