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Triple M corner.328

By April 11, 2024April 15th, 2024Triple M corner

The Triple M series of MG’s all belong to a family of models that commenced with the 1929 MG Midget and continued through to the mid-thirties via a long string of four and six cylinder OHC engined cars that forged the marques identity.

UF 6441 is a 1930 Brighton registered MG Midget seen here inconsiderately parked on a bend in the road. The driver with spade ignition key in hand looks as if he is about to board the vehicle from the nearside, perhaps to avoid the risk of injury by entering from the roadway. The overcoat, scarf and plus-fours would seem to indicate that he was journeying in cold weather or perhaps he and his passenger just had a very early start.

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