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Wolseley Hornet Specials no.60

By February 14, 2022Triple M corner

Miss P.D. Goodban was a very active trialist during the opening years of the thirties decade. Her chosen mount was a 1931 Wolseley Hornet Arrow Special (JD 1953), a West Ham, London registered vehicle. She is seen here on 10th December 1932 “somewhere in the Cotswolds” at the start of an observed hill section. The event, the 1932 running of the MCC’s London-Gloucester Trial was heavily  oversubscribed.  Exactly 150 cars, motor cycles and three-wheelers took part, meaning that fifty others were disappointed and were to have their entry fees returned. This was yet another successful event for Miss Goodban, as she finished the day being awarded a Silver Cup.

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