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Wolseley Hornet specials no. 77

This retouched photograph of a 1931 CMS DHC Wolseley Hornet Special was a recent discovery in the LAT Collection’s vaults. The only other image of the model held in the Network’s archive is a scan of a Light Car & Cyclecar magazine shot which is of very poor quality.  Far more detail is revealed about this CF3 model than can be seen in the magazine scan. The car looks to have a capacious boot as the lock can be seen towards the top third of the tail’s arc. The manual advance/retard lever is visible above the door top while the Minor Saloon-based opening windscreen brackets, wheels and front bumper confirm the model’s roots. Other coachbuilders would have utilised the bonnet that came with the chassis, CMS haven’t. They have fitted a far longer custom bonnet with distinctive horizontal louvres. The aerofoil-shaped cabin entry steps, although not unique were another unusual feature. (LAT photoscan courtesy of Motorsport Images)

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