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Wolseley Hornet Specials no.83

By September 3, 2023Triple M corner

1931 McEvoy Hornet special (CH 9869) is seen here taking part in the October 1931 running of the Reliance Cup Trial with (it’s believed) Squillario at the wheel accompanied by his wife ‘Johnnie’ Johnson. The car was used extensively that autumn and was driven on other occasions by Michael McEvoy (the car’s designer and tuner) and J. M. Suggs among others. The McEvoy Hornet was available in three versions, an 1100 cc two-seater at £265, a 1271 cc Two-seater at £240 and a 1271 cc four-seater at £255. McEvoy’s advertising material claimed that the model could achieve 80 mph. (LATplate B7323 courtesy of Motorsport Images)

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